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ArtSource provides professional and confidential appraisals for any purpose, including:

In evaluating the insurance replacement value of a single item or an entire collection, ArtSource ensures that the client obtains the proper insurance coverage for protection against damage or loss.  An accurate appraisal safeguards investments in property and collections.

A personal property appraisal is also recommended when moving, updating an insurance policy or establishing a new policy.

In the event that a valued possession becomes damaged, ArtSource can advise whether or not restoration is recommended or even feasible with consideration of an item's value and cost of repair or restoration.

Through on-site examination and thorough research, ArtSource determines a Fair Market Value evaluation of all items included in an estate. By request, we can assist with liquidation services from select items to entire collections.  ArtSource works directly with attorneys and financial advisors to determine the most accurate and appropriate appraisal method for estate planning and probate.

ArtSource provides accurate and thorough appraisals for charitable donations, determining the Fair Market Value of items to be given to public or private organizations. Upon request we may also make recommendations of the most appropriate charitable organizations and institutions which accept such donations.

When making a charitable donation, a potential donor must obtain the most accurate appraisal possible. ArtSource appraisals are prepared in accordance with Internal Revenue Code guidelines and include relevant market analysis and comparable sales.

For clients who wish to inquire about the current monetary value of their possessions, whether purely out of curiosity or with the intention to sell, we provide the most up-to-date secondary market price.