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ArtSource provides professional and confidential consulting services for:

Experienced in managing both museum and private collections, ArtSource offers curatorial assistance to clients.  We can determine proper storage and display methods and can recommend options best suited to a client's specific needs.  ArtSource is also equipped to research, document and catalog collections whatever the goal may be.

Conservation and restoration are essential to the preservation and protection of artwork and antiques.  It is imperative to have a qualified conservator treating artwork. 

ArtSource provides consultation services to clients who are considering restoration to discuss prioritizing conservation needs and creating restoration plans.  In certain cases, restoration or conservation may not be feasible or may cause devaluation of artwork, even if performed by a qualified professional conservator. 

Also, it is always best to consult an appraiser to determine whether or not restoration of an item is worth the investment in restoration costs.

With a unique network of private buyers at hand, including art and antique collectors and dealers, ArtSource offers sales services for select single items or entire collections.  To avoid conflict of interest and in keeping with the code of ethics of the American Society of Appraisers, we do not purchase items which we appraise.